XBRLworks Features

Edit XBRL in a simple HTML form.

XBRL is a complex, structured language that uses XML tagging to describe data points. But it doesn't have to be complicated.

XBRLworks presents each FERC report as a simple form with simple navigation, powerful import features, and tools to add comments and footnotes to each individual field. Data is validated for compliance as you enter it.

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Simple HTML forms
File sharing

Share projects and files with your team.

Harness the power of the cloud to access your filings anywhere and share your projects with others.

XBRLworks can be accessed from any computer or mobile device to work on filings or check the status of your project. You decide which projects to share with different team members and which projects you want to keep private.

Streamline your workflow.

Innovative collaboration tools for creating and managing tasks and deadlines will keep your team on track.

XBRLworks also boasts a suite of revision tracking, activity logging, and history tools for both projects and tasks with the ability to recover previous versions or merge changes together if conflicts occur while editing.

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Streamline your workflow
Invite your team

Invite your co-workers to become part of your XBRLworks Team.

One user can control the creation of projects and share them with other users by creating teams. Team members can work on tasks, edit form pages, and communicate with other team members via an in-app messaging system.

XBRLworks uses tiered subscriptions to optimize your experience whether you are a single user working alone, a member of a small team, or working with a number of other users from different organizations. You have the tools to manage multiple teams and assign projects to each.

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